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Don't like to hurt

I've been spoiled lately because I'm not used to working 7-8 hr shifts anymore. My left knee has been giving me problems, which is weird because I don't remember hurting it. It feels bruised on the inner side of the joint...but there's no visible bruise or swelling. No idea.

Work again tomorrow, then Thursday and Friday off. And how.

No more runnniiinnnnnnggg, oh-oohhhh

I actually accomplished everything on my to-do list today, which is really saying something for me. Go go getting things done! Although it was a bit counterproductive that I left the rosin and tuning fork I bought at the store. D'oh. Ah well, at least the guy there put the e string on for me, so my violin is now functional!

Transplanted my tomato plant into its own five gallon bucket and watered the crap out of all the plants. They'd gotten pretty wilty, with the exception of the onions, which are passing with flying colors. Can't wait to eat them, haha.

Finished all the drawings for the first Buran poster, now I have to scan them in and do color/layout.

It's time to read some Sandman before bed.

Can you tell I've been in a very Animal Colletivian mood lately?


May. 10th, 2010

Right now I have my hair in the world's shortest pigtails. It's actually cute.
I'm also wearing a bra for the first time in two weeks...feels weird.

Today I need to accomplish several things -

- Acquire a new e string for Juliette the violin
- Transplant my tomato plant into its own bucket before it kills the rest of my garden
- continue work on lovely posters for Buran

So I should probably get started.


Sometimes I really miss having long hair, even though it is a huge pain in the ass. I have no idea what to do with my hair after it grows out of the awkward phase it's in now. Fashionable mullet?


From over here to over there

I'm going to Tulsa with Calder, May 27-June 2! Ah, to be reunited with my JP! We're finally going to make those unicorn babies, like we've been saying all these years.
Also hoping I'll see Jeremy, Grace, Chad, Shane, and especially Annie.

Wow, I know a lot more people in Oklahoma than I thought.

Recent happenings -

-tattoo almost completely healed, finally not itchy.

-almost got a second job as front desk bitch at a local tattoo shop, decided to turn it down when I found out they'd already hired someone and I was just back-up. They called me when she didn't work out and I said thanks but no thanks. Working two jobs is not ideal anyway...

- Saw Iron Man I and II on the same day.

- Was commissioned again by my friend Adam's theatre company to make posters for their summer shows. Very interesting imagery/ideas to work with!

Recent conclusions -

- I need to get a new e string for my violin and actually start playing it again so I'm not the only person without an instrument sitting on Eric's porch. When we sit on Eric's porch. Also, I want a ukulele.

- I need a new bathing suit. Okay, I want a new bathing suit.

- Going to gallery openings makes me want to paint.

- I'm probably not going to paint. But I will think about it a lot.

- I need some rollerskates or something with wheels on it to make me go fast.

Almost the end.

Two more days at the Humane Society. Two. More. Days. Wednesday is going to be the loooongest day ever, because I also close at the new job. Then I have Thursday off...a late shift on Friday, Saturday off, and closing shift on Sunday. Not bad, not bad at all.
I feel like I need to sleep for an entire day to catch up on rest. I've been going to bed at fairly decent times, but I still feel wiped out.
I've already started looking for a dress for Crystal's wedding. I want something yellow, and strapless. I saw a dress in the window at the local Dress Barn, but, considering that their smallest size is a 4, it probably wouldn't have fit...plus they were completely out of them when I went back a couple days later. Popular dress is popular!
I want something a little bit nicer than Dress Barn quality, anyway. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or anything, but hell, it's for Crystal. I wanna look nice.
Going to a blues festival thingy with Eric and some of his pals on Saturday night, and supposedly Calder will be in town at some point this weekend.
Okay, it's bath-and-relax time.


Well, after unloading my savings account into my credit card balance, which practically eliminated it, I decided to celebrate by (finally) getting another tattoo. I'd been wanting another ever since I got my first pair way back in 2006 (and they still look good, if I do say so myself)!

Eric and I went up to Asheville yesterday, since the shops there have walk-ins on Saturdays. First we went to Empire, because I had artist Will Lollie in mind...but he was in Germany, and the other artist whose work I liked didn't have an opening until 6 pm (and this was at 12 pm). So we checked out Hot Stuff, where Eric had his most recent tattoo done. Their guest artist, David Boisineau, had availability at 5. Not much sooner, but his work was on par with the guy at Empire's, so I went with him. Not to mention, I simply liked the atmosphere at Hot Stuff better. Plus Harrison, the front desk dude, was more sociable.

So we killed time around town...I felt bad because we had lunch at Rosetta's Kitchen, my favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, and I could hardly eat any of it. My stomach was going crazy with nerves...but I felt slightly better knowing that they compost all their food scraps!

By the time we were driving back to Hot Stuff, my stomach was going crazy. I wasn't too mentally nervous, but my body was sabotaging me. I started pinching myself, which actually helped calm things down a bit, oddly enough. It gave my nerves something else to focus on!

Once we got there (through all the crazy 5 o'clock traffic, exacerbated by the fact that Obama was vacationing in Asheville), I went back and forth with David at least five times, making alterations to the art. Of course I'm going to be picky, the damn thing is going to be on my body forever, isn't it? The drawing wasn't what I initially envisioned, but then again, what I envisioned wasn't exactly conducive to tattooing. After tweaking the drawing within an inch of its life (and surely David's patience), it was time to get started.

At first it didn't hurt as much as I remembered, since my first tattoos are on the tops of my feet, and that is an extremely sensitive area. But after a while, yes, it was very painful, and there were some highly sensitive spots. But I toughed it out without so much as a wince, because I'm a badass like that. Three hours and a lot of sweating later (I sweat like CRAZY while being tattooed, it's gross), I had my beautiful kitsune!

In Japanese folklore, kitsune (foxes) are highly intelligent and have magical powers, such as being able to shapeshift into humans. Sometimes they are mischievous tricksters, but they are also guardians and companions to humans. The older and wiser a kitsune is, the more tails it has. Foxes old enough to have nine tails turn white/yellow and glow with their magic, called kitsune-bi (foxfire). My kitsune has six tails, so she's not quite old enough to be glowy, haha.
I'm glad I decided to go with maple leaves instead of flowers, because the compliment of the red/green really sets them off. I didn't want Japanese maple leaves...because they look too much like pot leaves, haha.

At first I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like her face, because of the semi-cartoonishness. But I wanted a cross between American traditional and Japanese tattoo styles, and, with the face being so small, it couldn't be crazy detailed. I think, after all the tweaking I did to the art, it looks pretty awesome. It started off kinda gruff and mean looking, so mostly I "prettified" it until it was more feminine.

tl;dr I am very happy with the outcome. Reactions from friends/family have been positive, except for shock at the location. Chest is pretty bold! But eventually they'll be used to it. I can tell how much my hometown has changed, because I didn't get many stares when I went out today.

Now I just need to decide on her name!




ARGH! I need to go back to an LJ client :(

Southern vampirism

SPOILER ALERT - Don't read if you plan on reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, or haven't yet read book 3.

I read the first Sookie Stackhouse novel awhile back, after I'd already watched (and loved) the first season of TrueBlood. The first book was entertaining, enough for a second read recently. I decided to track down the rest of the series.
The second book (Living Dead In Dallas) was okay, if not as well written as the first book (and the first book was no feat of literary genius). I enjoyed it, though it didn't go quite as smoothly as the first book.
The third book (Club Dead) is bordering on atrocious as far as continuity is concerned. At the beginning of the book, Sookie says something along the lines of "All Weres run hot," meaning all werewolves have higher body temps than regular people. Later in the book, she says "maybe all Weres are like that?" when she observes that a particular werewolf's body is warmer than normal. Duh!
At the beginning of the book, she catches Bill, her vampire beau, in the middle of working on a secret project for the vampire queen of Louisiana. She catches a very brief glance of someone's photo on his computer screen. Other than that, she has no idea what he's doing. Later, when asked if she knows what he's been working on, she claims not to know, but says to herself, "I know."

But...she doesn't!

At this point, the book is still readable, for mindless entertainment purposes. But I believe Charlaine Harris is very lucky that someone else found her ideas entertaining but largely undeveloped, did with them what she never would've thought to do, and made a fantastic TV show out of them.

She certainly can't take much credit!



Happy Magnetic Fields Day

I feel like I'm having a strange long distance relationship with Austin, TX. I've discussed and re-discussed my plans with Calder, Scott, Eric, Michael, Crystal, Abby, Elizabeth...some way, some how, I'm going to get there, by April at the latest.

Isn't she beautiful?

Hopefully mom and I will have our taxes done this week. There's a lot riding on my tax return this year. I've got fingers crossed that it will be enough to facilitate my escape.

Had another busy weekend...Friday I was supposed to get my roots touched up, but my hairdresser had a family emergency so my appointment was cancelled. Not her fault and I wasn't angry, just bummed. Half-inch brown roots look gross with blonde hair.
I can't afford to stay blonde much longer. Not sure if I want to go back to brown or red...or even a darker, more natural blonde. I have picked out the next cut I want.
The rest of Friday was spent hanging out with Scott...we've been hanging out one-on-one again, and that's lovely. I missed him. I saw "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Dazed & Confused" for the first time. We decided to make mock tuna salad for dinner, like I had at The Grit in Athens.
It started snowing before we went to the grocery store...by the time we got back, the roads were getting slippery. Scott's parents suggested I stay, so I did. I didn't want to risk driving home, by myself, in the dark, with snow still falling. We watched most of the Olympics opening ceremonies before passing out. Oh, and our mock tuna salad turned out AMAZING. Basically, you substitute tuna with chick peas, then add all the usual salad bits. Somehow...it tastes like the same thing.
Saturday I bought my own copy of "Whip It." That speaks volumes about how much I love the movie. I haven't bought a movie (at full price) in years! I figured if I rented it again then I would've already spent $10 on it...might as well buy it. Logic.
Scott had to go to work (his last weekend at O-cha before he starts his new job), so after doing some laundry, I headed over to Eric's. We made mashed potatoes with veg-friendly gravy, green beans, and "chicken" strips. The strips were eh. I'm not crazy about Morningstar brand stuff, except for their imitation ground beef. But the pototoes and green beans were delish! We watched "Ghostbusters" while we ate.
Theeennnn I went out for drinks with Michael. First Blue Ridge Brewery, then Coffee Underground (which has lovely cocktails), and finally the supposed "alternative" bar of Greenville, the Typsy Gypsy. It had practically zero atmosphere, but a diverse crowd. It's an after-hours bar, and we were there before midnight, so whatever band was playing hadn't even started before we left. But hey. It was all right.
After dropping Michael off at his van and heading towards home, I had to pee like crazy, so I stopped by Scott's house...he ended up coming home with me and we listened to records until we fell asleep.
Busy, fun day.
Today has been pretty laid back. Valentine's Day, woo. I have nothing against the holiday, but I've never had a particularly romantic one. I took Scott home so he could get ready for work, then came home to straighten up and do more laundry.
Got a lovely call from Crystal...she and Larry are getting married sometime in early August. I offered to help design her invitations, and I hope she takes me up on the offer! They're going to do WWOOFing on a farm in Ireland in the fall...Michael is leaving to WWOOF on an "off-the-grid complex" in Florida in two weeks or possibly less. If I didn't have so many financial obligations, that would definitely be an option for me. Jealous.
Since there were 50% off coupons for Michael's and A.C. Moore's in the Sunday newspaper, I was finally able to buy some supplies...paper and some Prismacolor Nupastels. Once I get some reference material in order, I plan to start a new series of drawings. Yeah go!
Dad cooked us an impressive Valentine's feast...veggie "pockets" and garlic rice. Mmmmmm. Plus champagne with fruit!
The night is not over yet! Once James gets off work (supposedly he got a job at Wal-Mart), I'll be going to his house to do some sewing, and possibly put on "Whip It" again as background noise. I got some Levi's that fit soooo well, but they are "distressed" and came with several rather large holes. I figured I could get creative and patch the holes with some embroidery.

Back to work in the morning. Life goes.

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