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A final farewell

So...I haven't used this journal in a long time, and I've decided it's time to retire it for good.
It's a sad thing, considering it was active for the better part of seven years.
I don't plan on using it again any time soon, as I've moved on to other blogging venues...mostly Tumblr.

I'm leaving my account active, in case I ever change my mind...I'll still get email alerts for comments if anyone needs to reach me (no idea why you would, but hey).

Goodbye LJ/Dreamwidth. Thanks for everything.
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I didn't take a photo today because I was too busy cleaning my room. C'est la vie.

Got a package in the mail today from JP's mom containing one pillow, and one tank top, both of which I'd left at JP's house. It also included a very sweet note. I certainly feel loved :)

C'MON DANCE PARTY (supposedly there is one happening tonight. I'll believe it when I'm there).
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I need some sort of daily challenge to keep me creating (oh hello, blog. How nice to see you. Sure, sure, I'm doing well).

Ideas -

1. Daily photo. Of anything. As long as it's a decent photo.
2. Write at least five sentences in this blog every day.

Yeah...okay, I only have these two ideas so far, but you can only do so much in a day (on top of the rest of your life) anyway.

I got my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project ( in the mail today. I can't wait to get started, although starting a new sketchbook is always daunting. I've never finished a sketchbook. I chose the theme "things that changed other things" because it can be very specific or very vague, depending on my mood.

I felt really cute today, walking around Bele Chere festival in Asheville with my bestie Michael on my arm, an arrowhead necklace (made by dad) around my neck, and my favorite vintage scarf 'round my head. I bought some kukicha tea at the Broad River Co-op. I got some McSweeney's postcards at Firestorm Cafe. We ate lunch AND dinner at The Laughing Seed, an all-veg restaurant. Asheville is awesome.

Wish I hadn't forgotten my camera.
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On a second note...

Here's the postcard I did (in addition to the poster) for The House of Fitzcarraldo...

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope it doesn't look too amateur.

I've been trying to instill more creativity in my life, slowly but surely. I've got a few paintings in progress. One is giving me problems because there's a very tiny face that needs to be drawn, and, despite several attempts, I can't get it quite right....

Work is going is generally pleasing, except for constantly worrying over finances.

True Blood is back and I'm happy as a clam!
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Is being vegetarian eating my brain?

I seem to be having so many "duh" moments lately, especially at work. I feel stupid.'s much harder for me to make split-second decisions that are efficient. I have to think too hard when doing things that should be practically mindless.

Could this be due to a vitamin deficiency???

I need to go to a vitamin shop and talk to someone...I don't trust most online sources when it comes to this sort of thing. I should probably be supplementing my diet with vitamins anyway.

I hope it's a deficiency and not that I'm slowly becoming dumber. Suggestions?
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Run through the moss on high heels

Less than a week til Tulsa! I'm not scheduled to work next Wednesday, which means Calder and I will be able to leave a bit earlier than originally planned. Roaaaddd tripppp!

You know what? I really miss having a job where I can wear whatever I want...where dressing creatively is actually encouraged. I have so many clothes that I don't get to wear. Ever. And that makes me very sad. Clothes are my one vice. Alcohol? Drugs? Sex? Whatever.

Give me clothes.

I got bleach on a brand new tank top tonight at work. Agghhh. At least it wasn't in a very noticeable spot.

Other than that, my still new-ish job is going thankfully well. It's low stress, my coworkers are very friendly, and I am drinking SO MUCH TEA which always makes me happy. And makes me have to pee much more often. Alas.

Is it silly that one of the many reasons I'm looking forward to this trip is all the outfits I can bring along? Haha. JP and I will play dress up, I'm sure.

I'm really tired of my hair right's super short and in an extremely awkward phase. I know there's not much else to do except wait for it to grow...but the color has faded and has become decidedly bleehhh. Maybe a bright red for summertime? Eric's friend Kassie is supposedly good at styling short hair. I should have my people call her people.

I'm slowly but surely becoming more confident on my skateboard...making it go where I want to go, starting, stopping, etc. It'll be awhile before I can do any tricks, and I doubt I'll ever have skills to envy, but hey, I'm having fun and that's what matters.

Bath time! Adieu!
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The poster I was working on for Buran Theatre Company is finally done!

I realize now that the dates are kind of wonky, but alas. I don't think anyone minds. I'm proud of how this one turned out! Most of the lettering, the house, and the boat/figures were all hand drawn on paper and scanned in; the rest is Photoshop magics.

Work today from 1-6...I work 36.5 hours this week!! My only day completely off is tomorrow. Awesome, because I need the money to make up for the time I'll be in Tulsa!!
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I do this.

Hello, this is my WTWTA deck, with trucks so graciously loaned by Eric.
Yep, I'm learning to skateboard. I know, I'm 25. And I have a vagina.

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So...this is exactly why my former dance troupe went to one dance competition, said


Followed by "never again." The one we went to didn't showcase dancing that was nearly so erotic, but the costumes were certainly on par. We rocked up in our homemade costumes and modern choreography...and while the judges saw us as a breath of fresh air, the audience was obviously...well, "confused" is a nice way to put it.

Granted, these girls have some serious skills (those fouette turns! Holy crap!), but they could be better put to use than this. Save this shit for the 18-plus set, please...or at least the 13-plus!! How old are these girls...8? 10?

PS - one of the regulars at Tea Junction looks like Gaius Baltar.
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